The Rear Precision Pod Story

It all began October 12, 2015 on a mountainside in Idaho when John Floyd found a herd of elk. The only problem was that they were on the opposite mountain side than he was. The herd had moved 200 yards up hill and was at the same elevation John was. He ranged it at 700 yards, made his sight adjustments to the scope, set up his bi-pod and got ready for the shot.

But he could not hold the cross-hairs on the Elk. Every heartbeat sent a ripple through his scope causing it to bounce up and down and off of the elk he was targeting. He tried everything but the movement would not stop. After a few moments he remembered a forked log that he had moved while getting into position. He found that log and put the long fork under his arm and rested his rifle butt on the other. He then had to dig the dirt out to make the height right for his arm.

John Floyd, the inventor of the Rear Precision Pod

After that, the weapon was steadily resting on the log and tight against his shoulder. Finally he was able to make the 700 yard shot with confidence and success. The elk never knew he was there.

The original iteration of the Rear Precision Pod shooting stick

That was the start of a road that led John Floyd and his son JW towards invention to duplicate and enhance the effect that log had.

The weapon butt sitting on a firm rest and his shoulder sitting on a firm rest.

The ground does not move, the weapon does not move, and your shoulder does not move.

Just pull the trigger.
The process of inventing the Rear Precision Pod
The Rear Precision Pod, a rifle monopod gun m
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